With over a decade of experience of seasoned professionals, Ritinox Overseas can manufacturer various types of tee fittings as per requirement. We also take custom orders if project calls for customised solution. We have been manufacturing and exporting our products to various countries delivering top quality products and customer satisfaction.

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Tees Union
Reducing Union


Tees Male
Branch, NPT (TTM)
Run, NPT (TMT)
Positionable Branch, SAE/MS Straight Thread (TTS)
Positionable Branch, ISO/BSP Parallel Thread (TTR)
Positionable Run, SAE/MS Straight Thread (TST)
Positionable Run, ISO/BSP Parallel Thread (TRT)


Tees Female
Tees Female Run, NPT (TFT)
Tees Female Branch, NPT (TTF)